The time piece in your hands. By Covenant Nsa

The science behind your time piece

Do you know what time it is?

A mere glance at your wrist watch will tell you. But sometimes we take these little gadgets for granted but there’s more to it than meets the eye.

Horology – the science involving the making of machines that indicate time – is among the oldest scientific craft. The heart of these machines is the escapement, this regulates the rate at which the power driving the machines is released.When this power is allowed to escape only in small amounts at regular intervals, periods of time can be measured.

No one knows exactly when the first mechanical was invented but clues date back to the 1500 when portable time pieces were made.

The now popular wrist watches became popular in the 1800 particularly amongst women and it’s fame continued to bloom as it was handed down from parent to child as a sentimental hier loom.
Nowadays, most watches are electronic and utilize quartz crystals- when specially shaped and placed in a suitable electronic circuit- piece of quartz vibrates on constant frequency, acting like a rapidly swinging pendulum.
Unlike most machines, watches are expected to work day and night for years and years. What’s more is that they have to work at different temperature.

Of the only issue people face battery change which makes them prefer mechanical watches.

Which to choose?
No doubt you primarily want a watch that has personal appeal. To many this means aesthetic value, I also recommended you give some thought to what you expect from the watch. Will you wear it all day, everyday? Or only on special occasions? Will it be subjected to knocks or extreme temperature? Will it be exposed to Sea water or chemicals that can damage the strap or cases?

All these questions needs to be taken cognisance of
With a watch on your wrist it is easy to check the time without hassle. Plus, knowing more about the development of wish watches will help you appreciate them better.

After all we pretty much feel lost without our watches, or don’t you?

Covenant Nsa

Covenant Nsa

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