Suicide is the act of ending one’s life. It is the act of intentionally causing one’s own death.

So many factors triggers suicide,  it may arise from socio-economic problems such as unemployment,  poverty, homelessness, and discrimination.

 It may also be seen as a result of mental illness or disorder including depression,  bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, personality disorder, anxiety disorders, and substance abuse- including Alcoholism and the use of benzodiazepines are risk factors.   A number of psychological factors increase the risk of suicide including: Hopelessness, loss of pleasure in life, Anxiousness, Agitation, rigid thinking, poor coping skills etc. The environmental factors includes; family background, peer group pressure, genetics also triggers suicide. 

     In present Nigeria, the number of students committing suicide is alarming. Research has shown that most students commit suicide because of pressure from school and also at home.

Parents put alot of pressure on their wards/children without considering the mental state of such a child,  some even take up the responsibility of choosing a course for their wards in which the end up not doing well, and in order not to make their parents feel disappointed, they end up committing suicide. 

    School factor sets in when there is a high rate of extortion which contributes to one thinking of taking his/her own life, example is a student who see’s his or herself through school without any form of assistance, tends to keep agitating and when it goes beyond his control,  suicide may become an option for such individual. 

  Another factor is the issue of not having good grades. Most students tends to forget the main purpose why they are  in school,  thus, the engage more in extra curricula activities, and when the results comes out they become sad and isolated, and end up in committing suicide.

And again,  students who were withdrawn because of low CGPA may find it difficult to cope and may decide to end their life. 

    Another factor is the sex for grades, whereby a lecturer may decide to frustrate a student unless the student gives in to his demand. The student in question, might decide to end her life instead of giving in or succumbing to those pressures.

 THE PLACE OF A SOCIAL WORK PROFESSION – First,  the social worker is to identify the root cause of the vulnerability of their client 

– The social worker creates awareness and understanding of suicide in a particular area, as well as educating them through sensitization campaign. 

– The social worker works with the individuals family to create a support network that can monitor suicidal behaviour

-The social worker act as an Advocator for those whose human rights have been tempered with. 

-The social worker also create counselling sections to meet these individual problems or make them choose a better options in solving their problems of engaging into suicide act, that is, psycho-social therapy.


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