Renewable Energy

Over the years man has always improved on its standard of living by proffering solutions and possible alternative means to survive and to solve its immediate challenge and amidst this solution is renewable energy.
Renewable Energy also known as alternative energy is energy that is collected from renewable resources which are sunlight, wind, rain and geothermal heat and the provide energy in five important area as follows electricity generation, water heating, cooling, transportation and rural energy service to name but a few for the purpose of this writing it will be focusing on sunlight as a source of renewable energy and its importance to societal development.
Sunlight if harnessed can be converted into solar energy either directly or indirectly using photovoltaic or concentrated solar power. Photovoltaic method is a means of generating electricity by converting solar radiation into direct current electricity using semi conductor that display the photovoltaic effect while concentrated solar power also called concentrated solar thermal use mirror to reflect and concentrate sunlight into receivers that collect solar energy and convert it to heat. This thermal energy can then be used to produce electricity via a steam turbine that drives a generator.
In a continent like Africa where countries are facing serious electricity challenge some countries has embraced solar energy as an alternative means of electricity generation especially countries in sub Sahara Africa. Countries like Egypt, Libya, Algeria, Niger, Sudan, South Africa and Namibia has a great potential to develop their solar power generation for industrial use.
The benefits of renewable energy are tremendous as it helps create employment, it is cost effective and environment friendly, it is also easy to maintain. Government all over the world should take advantage of solar energy as the new wave of electricity generation as it serves as a solution to curb the problems associated with climate change leading to a more cleaner and safer environment.

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