RCCG- Daystar Zone presents “ YOUTH EMPOWERMENT”

Youth,Emowerment,Financial Success

Youths of this generation are faced with constant trials and issues like finding themselves, unemployment and lack of self esteem.

There is need for us as youths to be equipped with the necessary skills that would help tackle this issues.

RCCG- Daystar zone is organising this free event on wealth creation financial literacy, entrepreneurship, vocational options and tech opportunity.
This program is open to teenagers from 12, youths and young adults. It helps obtain knowledge of skill acquisition, boost of self esteem that opens ways to life transforming resources.
Due to the constant change from analog to digital age. The youths are advised to seize this opportunity to improve themselves, create a conducive living environment for themselves and others.
The event would take place on Saturday 21st September 2019 at, RCCG- Daystar model parish at 42 eneobong crescent 8 miles Calabar, from 9am- 3pm.

Don’t miss out! This is a transformation of a life time.


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