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I wanted to learn UI/UX design during my IT, and for some reason, I could not find anywhere to learn it. I really hoped I would not end up settling for something else, just because I could not find a place to learn. Time was running out, and I still had not found a place. When my friend told me about The Lift Hub, I was interested. But then he mentioned a list of possible programs they offered, and UI/UX was not part. I’m like, “Oh well, I’ll just go for graphics design, or something.”, because I was actually really tired of the search. We (I and a few of my friends) eventually came to make enquiries, and it turned out that I could get UI/UX lessons too, and I was excited about that. That same day, we met our tutors, who were really nice and welcoming, and we agreed to resume sometime that week.

On the first day of the IT, we were given a simple task by Mr. Tony—one of our instructors—before our classes started, based on our different areas of concentration. We had our different timetables, so I started my class the next week. My instructor was Mr. Samson. In my first class, we started with the UX design aspect. I initially found it difficult to differentiate between UI and UX design, but that class helped me tell the difference. The classes started off as quite boring, because it was just theoretical and not practical, but with time, I could relate. Mr. Samson’s teaching was pretty easy to understand. I was given an assignment to do during the holidays, and I submitted after the holidays.

When we resumed after the holidays, we finished up the important parts in UX design and moved on to the UI design aspect, as there was really no time. That was the part I found really enjoyable, because then I actually got to design. I was supposed to design based on the first UX assignment I was given, and I was working on that. It was quite tasking, because Mr. Samson really pays attention to detail, but I got the hang of it eventually. He also helped because he was not harsh in pointing out my errors and missing details.

While I was working on that, I was given another work to do, an actual project to work on. It was really scary at first, because I was not sure I would be able to do it. But I started anyways, and with the help of Mr. Samson, I was able to show something at my first review. My first review was rather interesting, but it got a bit easier from then on. I continued with the project, and I learned from it in the process.

When I realized that the IT was slowly coming to an end, I was really sad because it felt too soon, and it was as if all the interesting things started as the IT was about to end. But, we were told that we were welcome into the hub anytime, which was very comforting. Later on, about a week after the IT ended, we were told that the Lift Hub decided to place us on the full internship program for those who were interested, and I was really happy about it.

Coming to the Lift Hub for my IT was a good decision, because I learned a lot in those three months, met really amazing people, and had a lot of fun too. I cannot wait to see what the internship program holds for me.

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