Live your Dreams Africa.


Oftentimes, I am asked, “Why do your organize Live Your Dreams Africa?” Here’s what inspires me:

I am inspired by potential; what you can be but have not yet become, what you can do but have not yet done.

I am inspired by your dream; how colourful this world would be when you dare to give it life.

I am inspired by our large population; possibilities of an emerging market; 1.2 billion people strong.

I am inspired by your frustration; how hidden in it lies a solution waiting for you to respond. .

I am inspired by raw talent; how crude it is today as compared to the skill you can acquire tomorrow.

I am inspired by your fear; I know you have the courage to do it afraid.

I am inspired by the blank page used to print the cover of forbes magazine; as the ink hits the paper only to reveal your face.

I am inspired by the lines drawn on your mother’s face by her tears; knowing you made momma proud.

I am inspired by your grand daughter’s gleeful smile as she struts along; knowing her bragging right is the surname you’ve blessed her with.

This is why I do what I do – that daily, every African’s dreams can be actualized, one person at a time.

This is why I organize Live Your Dreams Africa; so your potential produces possibilities.

By Bankole Williams

In a few days, we would be in the Paradise City, Calabar!

Come join our exceptional line up of speakers – Real Warri Pikin, Ibrahim Suleiman, Linda Ejiofor Suleimam, Fela Durotoye, Grace Ihejamaizu, Okorn Okorn, Fidelis Duker, Steve Harris and Bankole Williams as they tell their stories and spur you to Live Your Dreams!!!

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