Lactification, African Pride and Good Diplomacy

Lactification, African Pride and Good Diplomacy

Literally, the word ‘Lactification’ means the whitening of the black race. Africa’s past relationship with the Europeans and Americas left a mark on the continent. Besides the divide and conquer initiative of Otto Von Bismarck, the other agenda was to brighten this dark continent of Africa.

Expressed through religion, education, politics then to economics and diplomacy; the midas finger of white turned all things African European. Even after 60 years of Independence, like a child to the breast of its mother, Africa is yet to be weaned off mother Europe.

Like all things that evolve so did lactification but now bigger and better- Lactification of Consciousness or simply put “oyinbo mentality”. Lactification of consciousness according to Susan Grace Enberg, is referred to the embedded beliefs of the enslaved, beliefs that have been beaten into enslaved africans with the objective of ensuring that they will never forget their place in a hierarchal and pluralized international society based on socially constructed racial differences through colonial practice. In a Fela-rized term, simply put “Colo-mentality”.

It is an open secret that all things good is white and all things black is bad. Asides a few good African, majority worship the feet of a white man; afterall, “how good is the feet of they that preach the gospel of peace and bring glad tidings of good things”.

The lactification of our consciousness runs deep in our bloods and transcends to the life we live and the way we present ourselves internationally. We keep making headlines afterall for things that are black in colour. The pride of an African is audio related, it can be heard but not seen, expressed in words coming from a heart that does not mean it.

If it was so untrue, Trump won’t dare call us a shithole and SouthAfricans would have produced a backpack called ‘Europeans Must Go’.

Of a truth, can anything good come out of this Nazareth? Of course, things have and things can, maybe after Buhari is no longer president. However, we have to nurse this dream into a reality. Former Vice President of the Republic of Zambia, His Excellency Rev.Dr. Nevers Sekwila Mumba once said and i quote “while on the continent, I raise serious concerns of our collective failures but when i visit other continents, I become a defender of my continent”.

Men and brethren, good diplomacy spiced in African pride is when in my heart of heart i know how sad Buhari’s tenure has made Nigeria but i choose to tell my colleague from France how amazing the foreign direct investment climate is in Nigeria and defend it with my blood; when i choose to wear my afro hair in all its glory and walk the streets of Russia or when my reply to the famous “how are you?” Is “mo wa dada ni, iwo nkor?” Or when my winter jacket is coated with the beautiful patterns of ankara and finally when i fast because i choose not to eat at a restaurant whose name my African accent dares not to pronounce. Then i can say i am African and proud, Iyalayiya any European in my way!!

Until then I’m just another Lactificed individual dreaming dreams.

Aigbodion Olohije Emmanuella

Lactification, African Pride and Good Diplomacy

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