JOSEBI CLOTHING. Bespoke Tailoring….

Are you wondering what to wear for that party next Saturday?Are you looking for a got new Asoebi to rock to church? 

Or do you just keep staring at your wardrobe because you know it needs total revamping?
JOSEBI clothings has got you covered….

JOSEBI offers neatly tailored clothing, with proper fittings and perfect measurement.
We also offer a huge variety of Bespoke clothing of both Male and female.
Ranging from  suits to senators and lovely gowns,  shirts,  skirts and trousers.
JOSEBI never disappoints are they deliver on a top notch speed, integrity and customer satisfaction is our watch word..

Do you want to learn to sew for yourself or for commercial purposes? We offer intensive and exclusive trainings on fashion designing and we dedicate our time to make sure that you come out the best

Stop by our office at 76 Ndidem usang iso opposite Calabar municipality council
Or call 09074606888

At JOSEBI, we guarantee your satisfaction.


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