It is of continuous and extreme debate if or not television is bad for children. Television, is an audio-visual machine, with a screen that receives broadcast signals and transmits them as pictures and sounds. 
Television has advanced over the years. In the beginning, one was restricted to a low amount of options on what to watch and when to watch it but with time, television has advanced, creating a wide variety of channels for people of different ages and time is quite flexible. 
    Television has to be the best thing that has happened to mankind. Especially children. Television on its own may be viewed as bad.but with the right out look and proper control over time spent watching television, shows watched and how television is can see that television is not bad in any way. Certainly, not all parents or guardians are particular about the time their children dedicate to television or what they watch. Whereas, if children are rightly monitored and watch the right amount of television, it is quite beneficial in increasing vocabulary strength, learning new things and even acquiring skills.
There are shows for third graders such as Bug Juice(which teaches us life skills by following the lives of a bunch of children at summer camp), Disney’s Cookabout (that teaches culinary skills) and Sesame Street (that helps in vocabulary improvement) and a host of others. These shows and those similar to them are extremely educational. Children should be exposed to shows such as this instead of television shows on fighting and action which they are mostly exposed to.



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