Digital Skill-Up Program

Are you a young person seeking to be proficient in Digital Skills,
Or you want to stay relevant in today’s job market
Or you are a student looking for a source of income

There is great news for you!
Ikapture center for development presents the digital skill up training for youths.
This training offers a robust curriculum, including; digital marketing, coding, team building, communication skills, content creation and lots of other amazing skills.

You can’t afford to miss this as it will be a major stepping stone into your digital career.

To register visit the ikapture office at 3 victory way, satellite town Calabar.


The LiftHub is a component of LiftAfrica Initiative, designed to facilitate the development of ecosystems that are bespoke to the realities and challenges of specific regions, thereby helping more and more poor people start and grow their own businesses by lowering the cost of starting a business, eliminating the hurdles associated with growing one and providing a holding environment that enables sustained symbiotic interactions among stakeholders in these communities to grow
Lifthub Organisation
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