Dear HR,

Dear HR, This content addresses the ordeals of a job seeking youth in Nigeria, his struggle and his winnings in form of a cover letter, enjoy

Dear HR,

My name is Ciroma Chukuma Adekunle, an honorary graduate of a great Nigerian university. As a seasoned cover letter writer, I have carefully edited this letter to suit the available position displayed thereof. I believe I am suitable for this job having looked inwardly and seen how skilled I am and how I can be successful at this job if given the opportunity.

I have a 5 year experience in job hunting. As a professional in my field, my aim is to land the job of my dreams while my goal is to build the career I love, one I can do in my sleep.

As a hunter, I am innovative and creative in my approach to everything and it has yielded result, for instance having recorded low success in securing a job I have been able to take on 4 professional courses in various fields for self development and to give myself that edge.

Also, I work under pressure that is why I was able to open 2 start up business that recorded little success before their crash due to economic problems. I am equally a resilient person that is why in the last 5 years I have applied for 150 jobs, written 79 cover letters, been invited for 50 interviews, gotten 20 call backs, and made finalists 7 times, fell into depression, came out of depression shook off the dust and kept on keeping on the search for my dream job.

I believe I am a good fit for this job not because of my qualifications but because at this point survival is key. Buhari has promised next level and we all know what that means. When I am able to survive I will continue my hunt for that dream job.

Dear HR, I am willing to learn in areas where I am lacking, work harder than anyone else to increase the market share of this organization. I will not let you down if given this opportunity.

Thank you for your time. I am looking forward to your warm  response stating my fate whether i got the job or not, I honestly deserve to know. Attached to this letter is my CV for your perusal.

Yours sincerely,
Ciroma Chukuma Adekunle

Olohije Aigbodion

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