City Museum CEO announces plan to go virtual

By Miss Arit Archibong

Museums have been misrepresented all over the nation and have had the least impact on young people. There is need to rebrand the modern Museum, encourage patronage of museums and other tourist sites and preserve our legacies leveraging technology. This is why City Museum, a digital Nigerian Museum and hub for captivating black content, was created.

showcasing the rich cultural heritage of the Efiks and Ibibios

As the Founder and CEO of City Museum, I have to deal with the reality that City Museum is Sui generis. It captures amazing highlights of the people and their unforgettable moments in history, and seeks to engage young and positive minds. It is the heart and voice of the new Nigeria; a realisation of the Nigerian dream! It promises to be the foremost modern and virtual Museum in Nigeria and a model museum for all!

Arit Archibong, Founder & CEO of City Museum

We believe that the future of our tradition is secured by nurturing and safeguarding our talent and present works of art. As the vanguard of a new Nigerian museum; an embodiment of beauty, talent, class, emotions and intellect, remodelled to meet the needs of a changing society, City Museum is leveraging technology to safeguard Nigeria’s Artefacts, revive culture and history learning, showcase breath-taking destinations across the nation and a rich variety of original, exclusive and creative African content. This includes contemporary diaries, fashion trends, culinary expertise and State-of-the-art technology.

City Museum holds free talent development workshop for students of the University of Calabar, to mark International Museum Day

With advanced technology, everything has been digitised – even tourism. City Museum online, promises to be the biggest exporter of tourism, in combination with our offline operations. We offer other services as, scriptwriting, destination marketing and craft/talent development. We also have an on-screen project called “Selling Africa to the world!”

“Selling Africa to the World”


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