Beauty Koncept is a place for beauty, standing in the gap for good companies who have beauty product, that are not harmful to the body. we are known for our reputation of knowing whats best for your skin type.

we present ‘CALABAR BUSINESS SUMMIT’ in partnership with ‘Greenleaf Biotech International’ come and learn how to change your brand by spending less money and gaining more for your family and loved ones. from an international company.

There are a lot of times we make decisions that are detrimental to our businesses and finances but one thing is very certain, there is an avenue to make corrections on these.

Greenleaf Biotech International is out to make your financial dreams come alive. Are you a business man or woman and you reside in calabar? Something juicy awaits you.

This business summit  will reshape your models and ideas for top notch sales and financial recovery. We have made available seasoned speakers who will do justice to this effect.

Lets meet on Sunday 27th Oct., 2019 at DeChoice Fastfood, (WAPI JUNCTION, CALABAR). DONT MISS IT!!!!

This is proudly sponsored by Beauty Koncepts.


The LiftHub is a component of LiftAfrica Initiative, designed to facilitate the development of ecosystems that are bespoke to the realities and challenges of specific regions, thereby helping more and more poor people start and grow their own businesses by lowering the cost of starting a business, eliminating the hurdles associated with growing one and providing a holding environment that enables sustained symbiotic interactions among stakeholders in these communities to grow
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