Brand and quality its nexus to price and purchasing decision

Brand and quality its nexus to price and purchasing decision

My eyes were drawn to the 2:42pm alarm sound that emanated from my $5 wrist watch on my left wrist, in all honesty I was ashamed considering the fact that I was in a bank trying to withdraw some money, I subtly noticed a group of young men probably in their early 20’s standing very close to me they couldn’t help but give me a damning look after the alarm went off.

On my way out i overheard one of the boys whispering saying ‘ it’s not even an original watch ‘ over the years consumers taste has shifted from quality to branding and for what it’s worth it can be said to be a step in the right direction, branding is an important part in any business as it can tilt the consumers decision firmly in favor of a product it is critical to under that branding deals with customers psychology with the tenets of competitive marketing.

While quality is said to be the standard of something as measured against other things of a similar kind, the degree of excellence of something and it can be measured by its metrics. Over time consumer’s mistake branding for quality in relation to price, they believe that an expensive brand is of top shelf quality which in all honesty is wrong in as proven by research it is important to notice that branding doesn’t define quality.

Branding is just a competitive marketing tool as it helps impact
1. Buyers Aspiration: luxurious brands objectify product in a unique way making it a desire for a consumer. Our desire to get an expensive wrist watch stays put even though one could argue that plenty of wrist watch perhaps could help us at a much lower cost.

2. Consumer persuasion: A trendy brand can sway consumer behavior favorably for instance two products with the same feature one is a trendy brand and the other is not, which would you go for? The trendy brand especially in the case of a young person.

3. Psychological affirmation: humans naturally like to respected and some believe purchasing a particular type of brand will affirm with their concept of self and earn them their desired respect.
4. Brands earn loyalty: people develop a sense of loyalty for brands in the long run and this sense of nostalgia will keep them with a brand even if better options are available.
5. Branding Develops small Businesses

There is a huge difference between branding and quality as branding is a concept and quality is in its metrics which is relative to a consumer but generally people use defection ration, customer satisfaction and cost indices to measure quality.
so it is safe to say that the price and brand of a product sometimes do determine quality as a lot of expensive brands are known for their product quality but the disadvantages of branding are enormous as it encourages copyright theft, its kills starts up as they have to compete with a major brands, branding can always damage a company’s image which may take time to build.
In all the concept of branding as a marketing tool is important for the growth of any Business.

Brand and quality its nexus to price and purchasing decision

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