My name is Bella and a lot of things have happened of late that changed my perspective on life.

Having a husband who is a health freak and as part of his “Stay Healthy Tips”, he takes lots and lots of water. It’s not a new slogan that “Water is life”. I began to notice he was getting sick. I got puzzled because it’s not too normal for someone who has this huge affinity for staying healthy to fall ill. I began a research for it. I was more confused when I found out that the cause of his illness was water.

This kept me indoors for days. I really needed to know why water which is meant to be a healthy tip was the source of my husband’s illness. I was fast to remember that the easiest way to wipe a nation is “Bad” Water. I felt bad that nature has played a fast one on me.

In my resolve to cheat nature I came up with water base called Bella Water. It is fit for the body. Here, we nurse our water rather than treat water base illnesses. BELLA WATER IS ALKALINE BASE.

We came into water because we were divinely connected. We ensure wholesome water for all. Truth is you can fortify your house with soldiers but any little contact with bad water can kill you. We are here to serve you.

Bella Water mandate: Ensure Wholesome water for all.

It’s a mission for all. Water no be water, Buy Bella Water Today!!!


You can find out more about Bella Alkaline Table water through our online forum here or visit any of our outlets nationwide


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