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Coronavirus, which has been declared a pandemic by the World Health Organization, broke out from Wuhan in China and has toured majorly across Europe and Africa, which has led to the death of many. Over the past two weeks, over a hundred cases have been recorded in Nigeria which has strained our health care system.

This epidemic has further disrupted many activities and forced a lot of business ventures to shut down. it’s imperative to us, as a customer-based organization to be concerned about your safety to adhere to laid down guidelines to combat this deadly virus. In light of this, we wish to notify our esteemed customers that we shall shut down our lounge temporarily to conform with social distancing.

However, Don’t let Coronavirus deprive you of your favourite delicacies. We’re committed to serving you your favourite delicacies from the comfort of your home. We encourage you to take advantage of our new and affordable takeout menu, with our FREE DELIVERY PACKAGE, you can order your meal and get delivered to your doorstep.

Native delight (native rice cooked with palm oil, dry fish, beef chunks and dawadawa) – N1,500

Farm House Special (white beans cooked with palm oil, dryfish, shrimps and sweet potato or plantain) -N1,500.

Parpadelli (pasta cooked with shrimps, vegetables and sausage) – N1,500

Yam/Plantain/potato wedges served with egg/asun/fresh tomato sauce – N1,000

Indomie noodles served with boiled eggs/fried eggs/fried plantain/veggies – N1,000

White rice and goat/chicken/fish pepper soup – N1,500

Afang/draw soup and garri/semo – – N1,500

Drinks based on availability

We advise you to maintain a healthy hygiene by washing your hands and avoiding social gathering.

BackHouse Lounge Calabar.


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