5 Ways To Grow Your Social Media Page

Below are 5 Ways To Grow Your Social Media Page.

I have been managing social media platforms for organisations ranging from fashion, entertainment, religion to education and one of the things that bothers me and others doing the same thing is the challenge of gaining new followers and making the platform a lot more visible.
Having been in this for a while, I got answers trying out few things on my own.
However, this article is not in any way limiting. It is only an insight to what worked for me and I believe could work for you too. After reading this, go ahead and apply them as you research on other ways to improve on your social media platforms.
Managing a social media page can be exhausting. Firstly, because you are relating with people you haven’t seen. Secondly, because you do not know if your service or product interests your followers or readers. So, how do you get them to stay on your page, look out for more or engage with your posts? Here are 5 ways.

1. Don’t sell, tell stories.

One of the mistakes social media managers make is to post a sort of ‘buy me’ lead. Your post shouldn’t always be about you, your service or product. Your posts should be about your readers/followers. Using the power of story telling will endear your followers to you. Tell stories about how your service and product can help your readers/followers. For instance, don’t post ‘Shoes for sale. Buy our shoes’. Rather post ‘Your outfit will make a difference in that event with our HollaPulla shoes without breaking the bank’. Learn from Airbnb how they are able to make people lease their homes for a pay. They have learnt the power of story telling. Learn to put the interest of your customers at heart while creating the next social media post. How about ‘Don’t fail to grab this hot chocolate cake for your breakfast this weekend’ instead of ‘We bake cakes and small chops. Order now’.

2. Follow trending topics

On Twitter, for instance, there are always trending topics every single day. Search for trending topics that relate with what you talk about. Go on Google trends to search for tends on Google too. Create contents that relate with the trending topics. You’ll get people engage with the post faster because that’s what they are searching for and talking about too. Be serious when that time comes. Don’t blab when others are blabbing except that’s your business. This is one of the greatest ways to engage with your audience.

3. Real Time Response

While you’re very busy catching up with other jobs, don’t forget to give real time responses or reply to messages. A potential client or customer drops a message and the next thing? boooom! an auto response message drops. Sometimes, away from the enquiries. This can be really annoying. Respond to messages as quickly as possible. Follow up on comments too. Some persons could drop an enquiry in the comment section that must be attended to. Remember the ‘United Breaks Guitar‘ story? You don’t want to loose that much, I know.

4. Create Memorable hashtags

For your events, post schedule and other memories, always learn how to create memorable hashtags. I once managed a social media page for an entertainment brand. I never forgot to do #TGIF, #TBT, #WCW #MCM on Friday, Thursdays, Wednesday and Mondays. I knew it meant a lot for my followers so I never #dull. You can download Tagomatic to generate hashtags that are relevant to your niche.

5. Sponsored Posts

Finally, when you’re done with all of the above, don’t forget to use ads depending on the platform you’re comfortable with. Facebook Ads, Twitter Ads, Instagram Ads and all of that help you to reach new followers. So, as you engage your followers with the four steps above, get new ones using this last insight. If you consistently do this for a month, you’ll record progress and I’m sure you’ll thank me later.

Stay engaged on your social media platforms as you promote your work, service or product. I hope this article helped a lot. Have a wow experience.

Frank Edima, 5 Ways To Grow Your Social Media Page

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