Are you ready to start a side hustle while you maintain your 9-5 job?

Truth is, starting a business or venture doesn’t mean you should resign from your paid job. You need experience to grow.

Besides, maintaining your job and being able to start something new is a sign of discipline and you’d need this spirit to stay focused and determined.

Here are 10 side hustles you can start with, as you grow into a full blown business and become a CEO.

1. Tutoring:

Everyone is an expert in a field or two. If you’ve had basic education, you stand a chance. Tutoring can be a great way to leverage your skills and knowledge to make extra money.

Several of my friends make over N5,000 per hour tutoring. This long vacation can give you such opportunity. Go Get your skills on and get started.

2. Drive with Uber or Bolt:

You can make cool money driving your car after work. (That’s if you love driving like me 😂). Visit their websites and know what requirements you should meet. Don’t come back from work and sit idly at home. If you’re in Calabar, sign up with Bolt.

3. Teach Music Lessons:

One of my Facebook friends once asked that I recommend a music teacher to her. I searched through my list and couldn’t find one.

A lot of parents are looking for opportunities to engage their kids this long break. If you’re a music pro or even starting off, you can teach these kids too. Schedule weekends or evenings and get started.

4. Start a blog:

Just like tutoring, blogging gives you the opportunity to explore what you love talking and teaching about. If you cannot pay for a website, go on wordpress or blogspot and create a free blog.

There are free blogs that grow to a full blown blog. Once you can generate enough traffic through your contents, you can start making cool cash from advertisement and affiliate marketing.

5. Practice a Craft:

My friend would say ‘Don’t sit on that diamond’. If you have acquired any skill as a hair stylist, fashion designer, painter, electrician, beads maker, baker or make up artist, don’t sit on that diamond. Put it into practice after work and make some money to pay some bills.

6. Become a distributor:

If you know of any company that owns fast selling products and needs distributors, sign up with them and start the side hustle. You can always distribute in the evenings. Let your customers know your schedule and work with it.

7. Manage Social Media Platforms for Businesses:

Turn your love for social media into real money. If you know how to create contents for products and services, put yourself out to help other businesses by managing their social media platforms.

8. Sell on Facebook or Instagram:

Do you have any faster selling product, bring it on Facebook or Instagram and start selling. You can learn about Facebook Ads and get started here.

9. Sell your skill on Fiverr:

If you have any graphics or web designing skills, content creation or social media management ,you can sign up on Fiverr and get clients immediately.

10. Sell Recipes for local dishes:

If you are a foodie and love the kitchen stuff, you can sell recipes online as you grow your followers on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube or this blog (its free to post here)

The above list is just to help you have passive income as you continue your 9-5 paid job. There are more bills to pay than your active income (salary) can pay.  So if you would like to get started on any of these ideas, please visit us at the LiftHub or contact us via the comment section.

I hope this article helped in any way.  If it did, please share so others can be helped too.

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